Tom Colechin


Tom Colechin

If it aint broke… break it.

Born in the east end of London (so hes a bloody Cockney), Tom started his life in jolly old England where he played a lot of soccer before having to stop due to injury at the ripe age of 20. He was a cop for a few years where he met his best friend in the academy who talked him in to checking out Atlanta because that’s where his uncle lived. Apparently his friends geography was a little off and it ended up being Augusta where they would explore and ultimately where Tom would move his life to.

Once here he was talked in to auditioning for Sherlock Holmes out on the Fort (he was counting on his accent to get him in), from there he caught the bug and has pretty much set up home at Le Chat Noir, performing in several shows across 5 years from Quickies to talent packed shows like Becky Shaw and The Tempest (talented referring to the cast). He took a break during 2014 and most of 2015 as he was living up in Greenville, SC but moved back in late 2015 with a bang, being cast in The Seafarer, the original works of another Cat Marty Matfess Group Therapy and Quickies. Tom has been a supporter of the Cats for many years and has seen what this group of individuals is capable of and is immensely grateful for being given the opportunity to add another string to his bow and learn from some of the best. None of this would be possible with out the love and support of his amazing wife Amber and son and heir Maxwell.

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