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Current Shows

You can buy tickets to these shows online. The 8PM eXtreme Theatre Games often sells out, so buying tickets in advanced is highly recommended. Tickets may also be ordered by calling Le Chat Noir at 706-722-3322.

eXtreme Theatre Games

XTG is our flagship comedy show, performed at 8PM and 10PM on the first Friday of every month. Similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway, a team of (usually) six improvisers makes up fresh comedy on the spot in classic short-form improv games.

Previous Shows

Sloppy Seconds

Appearing immediately after XTG at 10PM on the first Friday of each month, Sloppy seconds is our incubator, where we try out new improvisers and new games or improv formats.

Tales from the Box

On the fourth Friday of each month, we listen to an improviser or audience member telling a story from their life, then we run several improvised comedic riffs on the story.

Serial: League of Alliances

Serial: SuperUnNatural

Serial: Slow Children of Babylon

Sofa King Funny Fest

Serial: The Continuing Adventures of Jet Spyman and Fanboy Skippy


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