Our Team

Meet the folks that make the funny, the cast and crew we lovingly call our Cats. This is the front line in the war to bring the funny. They are the ones honing their craft week after week to make sure that you are seeing only the finest in on-the-spot comedy.

  • Amanda Lynn Joyce


    Amanda Lynn Joyce

    Social Media Coordinator

    Intrinsically Weird and Enigmatic

    Amanda is probably one of the most interesting people you will ever meet… meaning she is a precocious girl with a very busy work schedule. In between working “normal people jobs” she models, acts, works as a stagehand, and performs in Augusta’s resident improv troupe Schrodinger’s Cat with blunderous zest. When she has free time she likes to do lots of things, most of them she enjoys doing, breathing being one of them. And the answer is no, she will not perform surgery on your Aunt’s tumor. You know who you are. She has already told you that her life as a backyard doctor is over. Continue reading →

  • Annaleesa Rogers

    Annaleesa Rogers

  • Brandon Dawson

    Brandon Dawson

    Director: eXtreme Theatre Games

    Red Lobster Or Bust

    Brandon is a cinema geek, who’s always had a love for comedy. When not spending his time directing the morning news, he enjoys making others laugh with silly voices, or 90’s humor.

  • Bryson Chapman

    Bryson Chapman

  • Chris La Mantia

    Chris La Mantia


    Deranged Fanboy and Part-Time Slinky

    Chris La Mantia is a stray we found hanging around the stage door soon after we started performing. Trained in our very own improv classes, we discovered too late that once you feed improv to a stray, it will never leave. He has also appeared at Le Chat in The Tempest and November, and has written and directed for the Quickies short-play festival; he also acts as the Le Chat Noir prop master. Chris won first place in the Porter Fleming Literary Competition in 2016 for his original short play The Fourth Wall. When forced outside of the theatre, Chris is a computer geek currently engaged in designing sports simulations for an online game site.

  • Dani Westman

    Dani Westman

  • David Bartlett

    David Bartlett

    Aspiring Fire Engine

    David has been a thread in the tapestry of the Augusta theatre scene since 1983. (In other words, he has been at it for longer than most Schrodinger’s Cat members have been alive.) He has performed with Augusta State University Theatre, Fort Gordon Dinner Theatre, Augusta Theatre Company, the short-lived Imperial Theater Summer Stock Company, Storyland Theatre, and not only performed with The Augusta Players, but also sat on their board of directors for several years. He was president of that board during their 49th season. David has acted, written, and directed for the stage. His proudest achievement is being a member of Schrodinger’s Cat, but he is also proud of his acting turns in Death of a Salesman and Cosi, his work as a director on 1940’s Radio Hour and The Grapes of Wrath, and his original script for The Frog Prince, which is still revived on a regular basis. When he grows up, David wants to be a big red fire engine.

  • Dixie Wells

    Dixie Wells

    Fifty Shades of Geek

    Dixie does the theater thing and the acting thing and this thing. Personality wise she falls somewhere between Pam Beasley, Sherlock, and the human embodiment of the Elaine Dance from Seinfeld. Please come out and experience firsthand her unique mix of inappropriate and oddly endearing humor.

  • Doug Holley


    Doug Holley

    Red Mage. Comedy Angel. Yeti.

    Doug Holley is a founding member and former Artistic Director of Schrodinger’s Cat. His plays have been featured in Quickies! and on the LCN main stage. Short bios are not his strong suit.

  • Ed Janostak


    Ed Janostak

    If I told you I’d have to kill you…no seriously, I would.

    Ed was born and raised above the Mason-Dixon line, and reluctantly lives below it “…because that’s where the work is.” He had a career in Hollywood all buttoned up, until some other guy snagged his role in that movie about a bodyguard. But he still hasn’t given up on his dream of someday starring in a movie directed by that guy who always has his characters shooting a gun in each hand while diving sideways in slow motion. He has very little acting experience, at least since high school (do NOT ask him how long ago that was). He attributes his success to practice – every day, he goes to work and acts like a guy who knows what he’s doing. He got involved with Schrodinger’s Cat only because he allowed Gary Dennis to talk him into it. That, and he had nothing better to do on First Fridays anyway.

  • Elizabeth Capers

    Elizabeth Capers

    Elizabeth comes to us from Improv Athens where she was co-President of the troupe in her final year. Before joining Schrodinger’s Cat full time, she joined us as a guest performer in Sloppy Seconds.

  • Joe Looney

    Joe Looney

    Improvisational Musician

    Sometimes the Ivories Tickle Him Back

  • Josh Arminio

    Josh Arminio

    No Tagline Can Contain Me

    For those who have ears to hear, let him hear, for this is a tale of an ancient kind. The Arminio clan goes back far, thousands of years to edges of Northern Europe. They were a people of the infamous Cherusci tribe; a tribe which notably vanquished three Roman legions at the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 A.D. Woe to the vanquished!

  • Krys Bailey

    Krys Bailey

    Executive Director

    King of the Toilet Scrubbers

    Krys Bailey has over 20 years of professional experience on & off stage/camera and is one of the founding members of Schrodinger’s Cat. Being a part of Schrodinger’s Cat makes him feel like a little boy again – frightened, confused, and sticky.

  • Marty Matfess

    Marty Matfess

    Operations Manager

    Still waiting for someone to give him a really cool nickname

    Like every good “Come out of no where” and “Underdog” story, Our Hero, Marty Matfess, had no prior acting or stage experience when he showed up at open auditions for Schrodinger Cat. His first few attempts were an embarrassment both to himself as well as his familial ancestors. Rehearsal after rehearsal every single ensemble member begged, pleaded and cajoled him to quit, until in April 2012 he finally screamed back “I GOT NOWHERE ELSE TO GO! I got nowhere else to g… I got nothin’ else” (yes, that was an OaaG reference). Marty had his stage debut with Schrodinger’s Cat in May 2012.

  • Michael Fortino

    Michael Fortino

    I Can Show You The World

    Michael has been a member of Schrodinger’s Cat for over 5 years and has been a fan girl since puberty. He is currently the Executive Director of the greatest youth program ever, Les Chatons Noir, and is very active around the theatre community (if you know what I mean). Senior studying Communications at the school that goes through more name changes than Diddy. After Michael graduates, he plans to pursue a career as an actor, spend the rest of his life paying off student loans and convincing Taylor Swift why he is perfect for her.

  • Nicole Davis


    Nicole Davis

    Definitely not a ginger

    Nicole wants to go on the record stating that she is not a “Ginger”. Born in Augusta to two amazing storytellers with two distinctive laughs (yes, you can blame them), she graduated with a BA in English from Augusta State University in 2008, during which she realized that her real passion was theatre. Impatient, she took her Lit degree and crossed her fingers for finding people to trust her to do things on stage. She found a home on stage at Le Chat Noir with Schrodinger’s Cat and enjoys feeling superior when she explains theoretical physics to others because of the name. She also enjoys feeling superior by still buying actual books rather than owning a Kindle. She’s kind of an elitist jerk when it comes to stuff she likes, but she is a girl who currently works with video games, so you’re sort of obligated to like her. Nicole also wants to make a joke about being a crazy young cat lady, but does not excel at segues.

  • Patrick Boylan

    Patrick Boylan

    Second time’s a charm

    Patrick has been attending the Schrodinger’s Cat improv shows since late 2014. One night, after enjoying the bar, he asked how to get involved and soon afterwards caught the improv bug. No amount of antibiotics or topical creams have been able to help him get rid of it. Patrick lives in Aiken with his wife (sorry ladies) and loves being outdoors hiking and generally just going somewhere.

  • Ryan Abel

    Ryan Abel

    Refuses to be typecast

    Ryan is enjoying his second season with Schrodinger’s Cat. In addition to flexing his improv talent on the Le Chat stage, Ryan is also an accomplished singer, songwriter and performer. Favorite roles include: Shrek in Shrek The Musical (Augusta Players), Mitch Mahoney in 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Fort Gordon Dinner Theater), The Beast in Beauty and the Beast (Aiken Community Playhouse) and Rev. Hightower/Mrs. Taylor in Batboy (Le Chat). Outside of theater Ryan is the lead singer for Ed Turner and Number 9, a group that has raised over $850,000 for local charities!

  • Tom Colechin

    Tom Colechin

    If it aint broke… break it.

    Born in the east end of London (so hes a bloody Cockney), Tom started his life in jolly old England where he played a lot of soccer before having to stop due to injury at the ripe age of 20. He was a cop for a few years where he met his best friend in the academy who talked him in to checking out Atlanta because that’s where his uncle lived. Apparently his friends geography was a little off and it ended up being Augusta where they would explore and ultimately where Tom would move his life to.

    Once here he was talked in to auditioning for Sherlock Holmes out on the Fort (he was counting on his accent to get him in), from there he caught the bug and has pretty much set up home at Le Chat Noir, performing in several shows across 5 years from Quickies to talent packed shows like Becky Shaw and The Tempest (talented referring to the cast). He took a break during 2014 and most of 2015 as he was living up in Greenville, SC but moved back in late 2015 with a bang, being cast in The Seafarer, the original works of another Cat Marty Matfess Group Therapy and Quickies. Tom has been a supporter of the Cats for many years and has seen what this group of individuals is capable of and is immensely grateful for being given the opportunity to add another string to his bow and learn from some of the best. None of this would be possible with out the love and support of his amazing wife Amber and son and heir Maxwell.

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